Cost of Picture-Cart

Save time & money! With over 18 years experience designing e-commerce solutions, we offer a highly superior product that keeps getting better year after year – all for a price that fits your budget.

Flat Fees for Your Studio

  • Process 1,000 orders for $600 – 60¢/order
  • Process 2,000 orders for $1,000 – 50¢/order
  • Process 10,000 orders for $4,500 – 45¢/order

Why Choose Picture-Cart

  • Increased Profit Margins
    • Easy to order packages and upgrades
    • Streamline your orders and spend less time in the office
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    • Speak directly with a developer about technical solutions
    • You get unmatched reliability with Cloud Sites
    • Daily Database Backup / Database Recovery